Skilled Nursing

In 2020, 1.3 million people lived in 15,300 nursing homes throughout the United States. Although not all older persons require short- or long-term care, 35% receive care in nursing centers. Analysts expect that demand for long-term care and skilled nursing facilities will remain high as the population ages. 

Although family members may wish to care for older family members, it can be challenging to provide the level of care and attention needed, particularly if those family members are recovering from medical issues. Moving family members with medical needs to skilled nursing facilities gives family members peace of mind because they can be confident their loved ones are receiving the expert care they require.

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What Are Skilled Nursing Facilities?

Some individuals require medical care at a nursing and rehabilitation center. Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) have doctors who can diagnose patients and prescribe treatments and licensed nurses who provide direct patient care. In this respect, staying in a rehabilitation and nursing center is comparable to staying in a long-term care unit in a hospital.

Benefits of Skilled Nursing Facilities

Individuals living in regular nursing homes may see a doctor once every three or four months. However, SNF residents have continued access to licensed medical professionals who oversee their care. Access to medical staff ensures patients receive prompt, appropriate treatment. 

In addition to personal care and daily activities, skilled nursing facilities provide all or some of the following services:

  • Cardiac care
  • Diabetes management
  • Dietary counseling
  • Infectious disease management
  • IV therapy
  • Medication management
  • Speech therapy
  • Surgery
  • Tube feedings

Skilled Nursing FAQs

Monumental Health Group provides extensive personal and medical services, including the following:

  • Personal care:
    • Beautician services: Our on-site beauticians ensure you look your best
    • Concierge and valet services: Our team includes professionals to help you manage all aspects of your daily routine
    • Daily activities: Activities include outings, on-site games, and entertainment
    • Routine care: Staff can assist with dressing and routine tasks, such as brushing teeth and bathing
  • Medical care:
    • Doctors: We have doctors on-site daily, ensuring prompt intervention for those with medical concerns
    • Registered nurses: Our nurses care for residents 24 hours a day
    • Short-term rehabilitation services: Our short-term rehabilitation services include occupational, physical, and speech therapy

Occupational, physical, and speech therapy are crucial supplemental medical care services. Our Salt Lake occupational therapy teams work with patients recovering from strokes and injuries that affect their fine motor skills. Occupational therapists help patients recover motor skills or learn to use assistive devices to regain independence.

Our physical therapy clinics deliver expert care for those who need to regain their motor skills. Surgery, injuries, and illnesses can affect a person’s ability to walk or limit their range of motion. Physical therapists develop treatment programs designed to help individuals improve their mobility. Physical therapists also help those who need to manage pain.

Individuals may struggle with verbal and written communication after a stroke or other health issues. Speech-language pathologists develop treatments to help individuals regain their verbal communication skills. Speech therapists also help individuals strengthen their gastrointestinal and oral muscles to alleviate problems with swallowing.

Monumental Health Group offers short- and long-term care options. Our facilities provide various programs suited to the needs of those recovering from surgery or other medical procedures who anticipate returning home after their recovery. Our facilities also offer long-term skilled nursing care for those who need ongoing assistance.

Monument Health Group has two facilities in Utah. Our Millcreek location is in Salt Lake City, the state’s capital. Salt Lake City has the largest population in Utah, making Millcreek a convenient option for city residents who need care or have a family member who requires care. 

Monument Health Bountiful is located in Bountiful, Utah. Since Bountiful is a short drive from Salt Lake City, it is a convenient option for city and state residents looking for a skilled nursing facility for their family members. 

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