Short-Term Rehabilitation

A specialist working with an individual who is in rehab and relearning how to walk.

The Ins and Outs of Short-Term Rehabilitation

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), roughly 2.4 billion people worldwide have a health condition that could benefit from rehabilitation services. Recovering from surgery, an injury, or learning to deal with a chronic condition can be taxing and strenuous for anyone. Luckily, short-term rehabilitation facilities like Monument Health Group’s, can make recovery after an injury, surgery, or the onset or relapse of an illness easier and more likely to be successful.

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What Services Do You Provide With Short-Term Rehabilitation?

The staff at Monument Health Group offers extensive and customizable short-term rehabilitation care, including physical, occupational, and speech therapy services.

Physical therapy: A physical therapy clinic helps patients regain mobility and strength after surgery, injury, or an onset or relapse of an illness. Physical therapists work with patients to create a personalized treatment plan that gets them on the road to recovery.

Occupational therapy: A Salt Lake occupational therapy clinic assists patients with regaining the skills necessary to get back to a more independent lifestyle. Exercises aim to help patients relearn:

  • Improved dexterity and motor skills
  • How to move the hands and upper extremities properly
  • Strategies to deal with incontinence (bowel and bladder)

Speech therapy: This short-term rehab program helps patients with communication, problem-solving skills, and reading. This program can even assist those who struggle with swallowing to relearn how to do so.

Skilled nursing and rehabilitation: Skilled nursing and rehabilitation services include thorough 24-hour care for patients whose rehabilitation needs extend into daily care requirements.

Are There Long-Term Options for Rehabilitation?

While Monument Health Group has many programs tailored to short-term rehabilitation, we also offer long-term care options. Skilled nursing services can often be implemented into long-term care for patients with acute illnesses that make living alone difficult.

These services often go beyond rehabilitation and extend into assistance with daily activities. Although services may vary by location, services tend to include:

  • Housing
  • Dining options
  • 24-hour access to skilled nursing services
  • Assistance with dressing and lifting items
  • Access to an information desk
  • Beautician services
  • Access to doctors
  • Planned recreational activities

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Rehabilitation FAQs

No. People of all ages can benefit from rehabilitation services. Monument Health Group serves people of all ages, from young adults to geriatric patients. 

Short-term rehabilitation can be beneficial for those struggling with chronic neurological diseases and conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), autism, ADHD, epilepsy, etc.

At Monument Health Group, physicians work with patients to find a care plan that best suits their needs on the road to recovery. This can include long-term care incorporating the types of therapy they need to achieve a better quality of life. Contact Monument Health Group to learn more. 

Short-term rehabilitation can assist patients in returning to their normal daily activities. Monument Health Group offers personalized care to all our patients for the best chance of recovery.


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