Post-Hospital and Post-Surgical Care in Utah

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When someone has recently been in the hospital due to illness, surgery, or injury, often the hospital is ready to release them, but the patient isn’t ready to be alone. While family and friends may want to assist, this isn’t always the best or safest option. This is where post-hospital or post-surgical care facilities can help.

According to the U.S. Department of Human Services, due to the increase in complex medical conditions, the increasing age of the population, and shorter hospital stays, post-hospital care (more commonly referred to as post acute care) is becoming more in demand. Keep reading to learn more about post-hospital and post-surgical care.

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What Is Post-Hospital Care?

Post-hospital care is specialized care provided to patients when they can safely be released from the hospital but still require assistance with daily care needs and recovery. For example, after a patient has surgery, they may be able to be discharged from the hospital but still have a long road to full recovery that requires assistance, support, and rehabilitation.

In these cases, a post-surgical care facility that provides comprehensive care is often necessary. This is especially true for seniors who are more at risk of injury if they fall or are unable to redress wounds or administer medications on their own.

What Services Are Offered at Monument Health Group?

Monument Health Group provides thorough patient services that assist in rehabilitation and overall well-being, such as:

Skilled Nursing 

Skilled nursing services offer patients around-the-clock care from medically trained staff. This also includes access to an onsite physician. This allows patients in post-acute care to be thoroughly monitored for complications and to track their rehabilitation progress. Skilled nursing services also include:

  • Wound and pain management: For post-surgical care, a skilled nursing facility properly trained in changing bandages and handling pain medications is incredibly beneficial to healing. Especially considering that being older puts patients at a higher risk of postoperative infections, according to the National Library of Medicine (NIH).
  • Intravenous therapy: Access to intravenous therapy (IV therapy) if and when required is also available

Short-Term Rehabilitation

When a patient experiences a sudden illness, injury, relapse of a medical condition, or is recovering from surgery, they will likely need extensive but temporary assistance with access to rehabilitation services such as physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. At Monument Health Group, short-term rehabilitation can be customized to meet the patient’s short-term and long-term goals.

Physical Therapy 

Physical therapy aims to regain strength and mobility after surgery, onset (or relapse) of an illness, or after sustaining an injury.

Occupational Therapy 

Occupational therapy services include exercises to relearn tasks of daily life, such as fine motor skills, proper upper body and hand functions, and bladder and bowel control. 

Speech Therapy 

Speech therapy services aim at enhancing a patient’s communication skills, including verbal communication, reading, writing, and issues with problem-solving. Speech therapy can also help patients retrain the muscles necessary for swallowing.

Where Is Monument Health Group Located?

Monument Health Group has two main locations in Utah that are both open 24 hours, Monday through Sunday: 

Monument Health Group Millcreek

East 4500 South
Salt Lake City, UT.
Phone: (801) 261-3664 

Monument Health Group Bountiful

West 2600 South
Wood Cross, UT.
Phone: (801) 295-3135 

Recovering from a hospital stay or a surgery can be taxing on anyone. Allowing yourself to recover in the comfort and assistance of a skilled nursing facility can make all the difference.

Post-Hospital and Post-Surgical Care – FAQs

According to the American Hospital Association (AHA), post-acute care generally takes place in a long-term care facility, inpatient rehabilitation center, or a skilled nursing facility.

Yes. At Monument Health Group, patient care is designed to meet every patient’s needs. In the case of post-acute care following surgery, rehabilitation services, such as physical therapy, skilled nursing services, wound care, etc., will likely be required. 

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